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Distressed investing, by its nature, connotes high risk and high return; however, Patriarch has mitigated risk by being control-active investors. Control means that the investment funds own a controlling interest in the equity and control the boards; active investing is demonstrated by our highly experienced and recognized Platform Leaders and Patriarch operational executives who work on site at portfolio companies; they are road warriors who travel where their talent is most needed. Experience has taught us that success is only realized by way of active, hands-on creation of enterprise value.

Although comprised of individual private equity investments, our portfolio of assets is managed as a global conglomerate, with a continued focus on synergies and ventures between companies that will enhance value.

The investment funds managed by Patriarch currently hold equity positions in more than 70 companies, approximately two-thirds of which are control positions, spanning almost a dozen industries. Our deep, multi-industry experience reflects our perspective across various platforms.