About Us
Fetco Home Decor, Inc. founded in 1974 and headquartered in Randolph, Massachusetts is a leading designer and wholesaler of home décor products. Fetco Home Décor offers a broad collection of products including mirrors, clocks, alternative wall décor, candles, frames, albums and functional organization.

Fetco Home Decor is a proven partner to all major US retailers. Fetco Home Decor has a broad customer base and is the expert in designing product for and servicing all channels of retail sales. Fetco Home Decor’s in-house designers and product development team are recognized for their trend direction, sourcing capabilities, and innovative product offerings. Fetco Home Décor sources products around the world to satisfy the needs of all retail channels. The Fetco Home Decor team is known for their speed to market and execution. As consumers increase their demand for fashion products retailers are turning more and more to Fetco Home Decor for their fashion forward designs and ability to service their omnichannel needs.

Fetco Home Decor’s origin was in photo frames and albums. In 2012, the frame industry experienced a dramatic decline as cell phone cameras become the preferred device for taking photos. In a relatively short period of time, the ease of digital mobility decimated the photo printing business and as a result collapsed the frame industry. The core product category of Fetco Home Decor’s business was in a steep decline. Anticipating the decline Fetco Home Decor reinvented itself and emerged as a home décor products company. The transition was successful due to our extensive sourcing capabilities, an eye to the home décor trend market and the confidence of our retail partners. The product offerings multiplied and our position with our retailers expanded. Decorative mirrors, clocks, alternative wall décor and candles are major growth areas in home decorating.

Fetco Home Décor is positioned as a leader in these categories, servicing the biggest names in the business. Home Goods, Wayfair and Hobby Lobby (all growth retailers in home) depend on Fetco for a constant and continuous flow of new collections. Traditional retailers like BBB, Kohl’s, Target and mid-tier department stores rely on Fetco for new innovations in style and materials at great values. Today’s consumer is demanding, expecting to be entertained and wowed constantly. Fetco Home Decor, over the last three years, has created a platform to expand our product offerings and service our partner retailers’ evolving needs

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