About Us
180s is a leading Technology-Enhanced Outdoor Accessories and Apparel company. Our products enhance your active outdoor lifestyle while adding comfort, technology, or simply by making a fashion statement. We bring innovative solutions that allow you to stay connected no matter where you are, what you are wearing or what the conditions are outside.

The company markets and sells its 180s brand globally in multiple retail channels, such as high-end and middle-tier department stores, sporting goods chains, sport specialty retailers, outdoor retailers, and direct to the consumer. The Degrees brand can be found in middle-tier department stores in the USA and Canada. From the Blue and Elements, labels can be found in leading mass merchants in the USA.


180s has taken its patented behind-the-head ear warmer design and added Bluetooth Wireless Technology so you never have to miss a call when you’re on the go. And if that wasn’t enough, we also included hi-definition headphones so that you can keep jamming and keep your ears toasty warm. With Siri and Google Now Voice control integrated, there is no need to even mess around with your phone on those cold winter days anymore!

180s ALLTouch gives you touch screen compatibility on all 5 fingers. When you’re tapping out a quick text on your smartphone or typing an email on your tablet, every finger works. And we put this technology in all of our gloves. So, whether it’s a little chilly out or a bitter cold has set in, each one of our gloves lets you take a call, type, and email, or pump your tunes. All fingers. All gloves. ALLTouch.

With the ability to wick moisture, capture body heat, reflect harmful UV rays, convert light into warmth, and fight microbacteria, QuantumHeat fabric is one of the most unique and versatile performance fabrics on the market. Once you feel the heat, you won’t wear anything else.

Many of our ear warmer styles come with Quantum Sound headphones that keep your ears warm while listening to music and also include a built-in hands-free microphone. They’re the ultimate headphones are completely one-of-a-kind because of their patented behind-the-head design.


Women’s & Men’s Earwarmers
• Bluetooth wireless technology
• high def headphones & microphone

Women’s & Men’s gloves
•AllTouch Technology
• Waterproof
• QuantumHeat

Women’s HATS,
Scarves & Cowls
• QuantumHeat

  • Date August 5, 2016
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