Global Automotive Systems (GAS)

Global Automotive Systems (GAS)

About Us
Global Automotive Systems (GAS) is a world class manufacturer of metal-formed assemblies with operations in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Headquartered in suburban Detroit, the Company serves Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and Tier One automotive Suppliers.
The Company’s core capabilities include stamping, roll-forming and stretch bending, as well as, the manufacture of tubular products and complex welded assemblies. Products include
suspension arms, airbag canisters, aluminum HVAC headers, charge air duct assemblies and structural door headers.

Each GAS world-class manufacturing location is operated with engineered processes that ensure the quality, delivery and customer service to meet demanding high volume production requirements.

Experts in Advanced Metal Forming
GAS has a proven reputation in stamping and assembly of even the most complex and safety critical metal products. Fabrication methods include high strength-lightweight materials, complex roll-formed sections, stretch bending, and precision tube bending. Expertise in advanced metal forming and joining technologies separates the company from traditional suppliers.

Precision Assemblies and Structures
GAS vertical integration of key components provides a competitive advantage in delivering complete assemblies and structures. Utilizing precision assembly equipment, Poka-Yoke error-proofing processes and in-house testing, each product is built with reliability to the most stringent specifications. Lean Manufacturing and value engineering methodologies are just a few of the tools GAS teams employ to ensure continuous improvement in quality and cost for OEM customers.

Since inception in 2005, Global Automotive Systems has transformed into a high technology manufacturing platform. Leveraging collaborative partnerships within the Lynn Tilton technology network, the company utilizes real-time data collection efficiently monitor each step in the manufacturing process. Automated alerts with smart-phone and tablet interfaces notify company engineers with performance and attribute data to ensure each and every product is built to specification.


  • Door structures
  • Charge air-duct assemblies
  • Structural automotive frame products, including bumpers & rocker panels
  • Seating & hinge components
  • HVAC headers
  • Suspension components
  • Airbag canisters
  • Tubular steering components
  • Client Global Automotive Systems
  • Date June 30, 2016
  • Tags Automotive and Aerospace