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Gorham Paper & Tissue

About Us
One Team… One Focus… One Direction…” our mantra used to deliver superior products and value to customers. Gorham Paper and Tissue was reopened in May 2011 with a new strategy involving trust, investment and new partnerships. With more than 150 years combined paper expertise, our senior management team brings a wealth of experience and proven success. Together, they combine internal and external expertise to drive excellence. As a womanowned business (WBENC certified), Gorham Paper and Tissue along with its subsidiary White Mountain Tissue (WMT) manufacture towel and tissue Parent Rolls and finished products for the At-Home and Away-From-Home (AFH) markets in North America.

Operations include a new $40 million state-of-theart crescent former tissue machine which allows us to offer a broad range of best-in-class commercial and retail private label towels, bath tissue, napkins, and facial tissue.

Can four simple words, INNOVATION, EXCELLENCE, COMMITMENT, and SERVICE, define a company? Yes! Gorham is not your typical paper company. We ask questions first, and then talk about capability. We know how to make just about every kind of paper…marrying customer collaboration with innovation.

Innovation has been part of the Gorham story for over 125 years, from the first ever AFH commercial towels to today’s Premium ES™ ultra soft bath tissue. New technologies, expansion into branded luxury tissues, absorbent/ soft towel for at-home, retail, and select AFH markets will be the next generation products.

Safety & Sustainability
We are committed to proactively protecting human health and the environment. We operate our business in a manner that consciously safeguards our employees, customers, suppliers and the communities in which we do business.

For example, about 97% of our electrical needs comes from hydro power, and more than 10% of our fossil fuel needs comes from landfill methane.

One of North America’s only independent parent roll tissue suppliers, Gorham has the equipment and expertise to develop creative solutions for your business. The team is a responsive, “make it happen” group. Machine flexibility, streamlined decision making, technical competencies and industry knowledge emulate the One Team… One Focus… One Direction to deliver the right products for our customer.