MD Helicopters

MD Helicopters is synonymous with the world’s best rotorcraft. Tracing its roots back more than 50 years to iconic entrepreneur and aviator Howard Hughes, MD Helicopters is building a workforce of talented and motivated people with diverse backgrounds and innovative ideas who are committed to the company with the opportunity to make a difference and create value. With a tradition of excellence that is unmatched in the aerospace industry, our high-performance helicopters have long been the products of choice for discriminating operators.

The MDHI family of helicopters includes both commercial and military variants of the legendary MD 500® series helicopters – including the MD 530F Cayuse Warrior Scout Attack Helicopter, as well as a fleet of technologically advanced NOTAR® helicopters featuring the single engine MD 520N and MD 600N® and the twin engine MD 902 Explorer®. The innovative NOTAR® system for antitorque control with no tail rotor is used exclusively by MD Helicopters to provide safer, quieter operation and superior confinedarea access capability.

MD Helicopters offers the best-quality, best-value helicopters in the world; provides state-of-the-art technology to enhance operator value; offers total support of our products wherever and whenever it’s needed through a global service and support network; and continues to evolve through a laser-focused commitment to excellence and meeting our customers’ high expectations for quality, service and support.

Under Ms. Tilton’s leadership MD Helicopters has experienced nothing short of a dust to diamonds revival. On the cusp of shuttering in 2005, today, MD Helicopters boasts an impressive array of accomplishments that many – if not most industry analysts – thought impossible to achieve.

Since being acquired by Ms. Tilton in 2005, MD Helicopters has experienced:
• A decade of doubledigit revenue increases,
• Year-over-year increases in the number of single and twin engine helicopters in active service worldwide,
• Re-establishment of MD Helicopters as a premier military aircraft, with training and armed helicopters in service with the Afghan Air Force, the Saudi Arabian National Guard, El Salvador Army, Costa Rica Police, Royal Jordanian Air Force, Mexican Air Force, South Korean Air Force and others,
• Attainment and successful management of CLS contracts in support of foreign military MD 500 Series installations,
• Vertically integrated manufacturing through the establishment of the Monterrey, Mexico manufacturing facility,
• Numerous aviation and law enforcement awards,
• An AOG rate among the industry’s lowest, • Among the highest flight readiness rates in the industry, and
• Triple digit expansion in global talent pool; enabling capability advancements in engineering, program management, manufacturing and leadership teams.

MD 520N
MD 530F
MD 500E

  • Date December 3, 2016
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