Rand McNally

Rand McNally is the country’s most trusted source for maps, navigation, and travel content.

For 160 years, Rand McNally has been developing and launching innovative products for the consumer, transportation and education markets. Best known for the iconic Rand McNally Road Atlas – a mainstay of American road travel for nearly 100 years – the company today also provides cutting-edge consumer and commercial software and industry-leading navigation and content.

Rand McNally’s products include the award-winning line of IntelliRoute® TND™ truck navigation devices and tablets, Road Explorer™ devices for cars, and GPS units built for RVs; a robust line of fleet management tools and electronic logging devices for commercial transportation; leading geography-based educational resources for the classroom; and of course, America’s #1 Road Atlas.

In the past few years, Rand McNally has moved energetically into the world of consumer electronics, swiftly claiming top market share in several key categories. Leveraging years within the commercial transportation sector, Rand McNally brought its award-winning navigation to the consumer markets with vehicle-specific GPS and GPS tablets. Next up: Rand McNally is poised to expand its footprint, launching innovative Connected Car product devices and accessories. The company also has undergone a metamorphosis in its Commercial Transportation business. Moving from mileage and routing products to full fleet management solutions, Rand McNally was the first to offer a single box, in-cab, mobile communication system for fleets. Most recently Rand McNally has launched a suite of electronic logging devices just as the federal government mandates such systems in all large trucks and buses.

At the same time, Rand McNally has not forsaken its rich heritage. The legacy Publishing and Education businesses provide entrée to more than 20,000 storefronts and most public K-12 schools. Creative new electronic products, as well as gorgeous books that inspire travel, are expanding Rand McNally’s presence in schools and retail outlets. And with new content and superior mapping, the core Road Atlas line continues to be a staple resource for the modern-day traveler.

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