About Us
Scan-Optics is the “paper to paperless” company providing document management solutions and document process outsourcing (DPO) services. Our cloud-based solution enables the capture, classification, storage and retrieval of documents using browsers and mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Established in 1968 as a document scanner company, Scan-Optics continues to offer its world-class, high-speed scanners and maintenance services. With offices in North America and the UK, Scan-Optics provides enterprise-class services with the security, auditability and compliance that fit the most stringent requirements of the Financial, Government, Food, Medical, Transportation, Aerospace, Insurance, Education and Legal markets.

Since its founding 47 years ago, Scan-Optics has been awarded 25 patents. Scan- Optics was the first to develop the image dissector tube and introduce key data integration with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) via a direct computer-to-computer link to accomplish image reject repair.

Today, Scan-Optics produces some of the fastest production document scanners in the world, including 300ppm (page per minute) Open Track Scanners, dual out-sort pocket desktop scanners. Scan- Optics’ breakthroughs have included acoustic double page detection, the integration of MICR and barcode reading into the recognition system, and the introduction of grayscale capability in OCR.

Our vertical integration of hardware and software technologies with extensive Document Process Outsourcing (DPO) capabilities enables us to easily adapt to market needs. Moreover, we have our own field maintenance unit called Access Services to install, maintain and train our clients’ scanning and document processing systems.

We are currently introducing our newest product: easy.forward™ – a document managementas- a-service (DMaaS) for invoice processing, document compliance and back file scanning in Government, Education, Insurance and Healthcare markets. With the easy. forward™ DMaaS, there is no software to license, implementation fees, or maintenance costs. Unlike ‘software tools that are just licensed through the cloud;’ all keying and indexing is done by the Scan-Optics DPO organization. We do all the heavy lifting, making easy.forward™ truly easy to use.

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