About Us
With over 5,500 clients and more than 110 branches and franchises nationally, Snelling provides Customized Workforce Solutions that set the company apart from all competitors. Accordingly, Snelling was recognized in 2014 as “the Best in Staffing” for delivery of consistent excellence in service and quality.

In 1951, Lou and Gwen Snelling opened a single staffing office in Philadelphia, PA. Over the next 50 years, Snelling grew from that single branch into a national brand with offices in major markets across the United States. In 2005, Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners, made a strategic investment in Snelling which ensured the stability and continual growth of the company over the past decade to today. Through Ms. Tilton’s leadership, Snelling has successfully navigated through challenging economic conditions and increasingly complex regulatory landscapes to a position of national leadership in the staffing industry.

Snelling provides customized solutions tailored to a company’s specific needs – including contingent (temporary), direct hire, contract to hire and on-site staffing. Our commitment is to understand not only your company’s staffing need, but the larger workforce goals and strategy and the obstacles to achieving them. Through this understanding comes the collaborative partnership necessary to produce the true Customized Workforce Solution, tailored precisely to meet the business and financial objectives of your company.

The key elements of the successful Customized Workforce Solution include the following:

Workforce Selection – the right fit is everything, and Snelling employs precise matching across not just skill sets, but culture fit, company fit, and manager fit.

Proactive Planning – understanding the “fit” characteristics of your company allows us to build a proactive candidate inventory so when the situation changes, and customization is required, we are ready to deliver, not just ready to get started.

Performance Management – Collaborative partnership requires a constant conversation resulting in feedback and ideas for improvement. At Snelling, we ensure that both the customer and the employee are not only satisfied, but are delivering feedback resulting in activities designed to improved productivity and performance.